Working hard at Procrastination

Procrastination. It sounds such a positive activity. How can you not be PRO-crastination! Verb; To crastinate:  to dither about doing anything other than what is required at that time. Presumably someone who does everything smartly to time, besides being anally retentive and a colossal bore, should be guilty of anticrastination. As I am a definite Pro... Continue Reading →

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want to be when you finally grow up? I suppose it’s the nature of ambition to look at the grass over the fence and yearn for something more, something different, something ELSE, that isn’t what we have. We strive our whole lives to grow our careers, to move to a bigger house,... Continue Reading →

Z is for Zebra

You know what it’s like. You start the week full of energy; you are going to do great things this week. You’ve got free space in your calendar and this is the week for that major project. Whether your work is for yourself or for Da Man, the same rules apply. As the week progresses,... Continue Reading →

W is for Wolf

The shrill ringing of the telephone woke Rebekkah. She had been dozing in front of the fire with her big grey wolf of a dog. Last night had been her first evening out since getting home for the Christmas break, and she had made up for lost time. She was in her final year studying... Continue Reading →

V is for Vulture

Word spread swiftly, like wildfire scorching up dry summer grass. The first whispers reported became telephone calls, and then the new technologies kicked into gear. The words gained their own life, fed by rumour and the frenzy of greed and power. Facebook: “PM me, I’ve got news” SMS: “It’s happening, get here now” BBM: “Did you... Continue Reading →

S is for Seagull

The tale of Jessie and the Judgemental Seagull Jessie was trying to find the motivation to finish the book review she'd been assigned for English. She'd had this homework for over a month – they'd been working through the text in class, and had some discussion groups too. But the book review was an individual assignment.... Continue Reading →

H is for Haggis

Hag-gis (noun) : plu. Haggis The collective noun for Haggis is a Pudding of Haggis. The wild Haggis is a native of the Scottish moors. The animals are solitary, shy and extremely rare, having been hunted close to extinction from their natural grounds by peasants eager to supplement their meagre fare of turnip and swede.... Continue Reading →

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