"BOING!" said Zebedee, "Time for bed!" Ah, the childish joys of the Magic Roundabout. by that I mean this Magic Roundabout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3DcChXNyYQ Not this abomination of town planning that the poor people of Swindon have to deal with (as if living in Swindon wasn't bad enough): So who amongst my extensive readership has a single... Continue Reading →

Vanilla, anyone?

So here we are, the morning after the Valentine's night before.  A night for romance, love, fine food and wine. And, like any good meal, dessert to finish. Now, I'm not always one for dessert straight after a 'special dinner' such as Valentine's. Sure, I've been looking forward to dessert all day, but sometimes I... Continue Reading →

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