YOU – had one job!

Almost there (even if I am a day behind schedule). Time to catch up with a quick daily funny. All courtesy of And the website has many, many more. So what commentary does this provide to the state of our education system, I wonder?

Volks Wagen

Yes, I know, another double letter posting, but hey, who could resist the obvious here? After all, the VW Beetle was ubiquitous, until it wasn't, and now it is again. The car of the 60's hippy revolution and a rival to only the mini as the coolest car of all time. The original Beetle production... Continue Reading →


We all know the old riddle: which came first, the chicken or the egg. The more intriguing question is this: Is the fruit named for the colour, or the colour named for the fruit? And why are there no rhymes for orange? It's the strangest thing. And what's even stranger is that this website managed... Continue Reading →

Dewsbury and Dawson

“Darius Dewsbury! Daniel Dawson! Don't dilly-dally. Dean Duddleswell doesn't do dilly-dallying.” Deputy Dean Debbie Drinkwater despaired. Dewsbury and Dawson in double detention and delaying the date by dawdling. Dewsbury and Dawson dashed directly downstairs to Dean's day-room. Dean Duddleswell delighted in drawing and drew detailed diagrams for display in downtown Digsbeth. Her day-room drew daylight... Continue Reading →

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