King & Lion

I'm not cheating. Much. This post is not about Lion King and I'm reversing the words just to get K and L in the right order, so we are good there. But yes, I am cheating by wrapping two posts into one but I'm allowed a little lee-way. Daily posting takes its toll, you know?... Continue Reading →

The Owl and the Pussycat

Cat sat squarely in the middle of our best beach towel and lapped at the bowl of soup I had placed for my lunch, using my favourite Wedgewood for the purpose. I gave her my most demeaning stare - "oh dear pussy, why can't you use a spoon like normal people. The runcible spoon was good... Continue Reading →

Z is for Zebra

You know what it’s like. You start the week full of energy; you are going to do great things this week. You’ve got free space in your calendar and this is the week for that major project. Whether your work is for yourself or for Da Man, the same rules apply. As the week progresses,... Continue Reading →

Y is for Yakeil

Okay, we are scraping the barrel when it comes to Y. I’m not going to take the easy route like a Yellow Bellied Cowardly Bird. There must be something interesting to write about. There’s always complete fabrication, that usually works: "Behold the mighty Yungfrau Frost Tickler, historic prey of the Alpine Mallowhund and the fearsome nemesis of... Continue Reading →

R is for Rabbit

Spring is my favourite season. Buds are bursting, bunnies are breeding and burgers are burning. Finally we bid adieu to the car park snow mountains. We can shuck off our hats, scarves and coats. We can emerge from our caves, and see daylight after the working day. And we have the Festival of the Cocoa Bean, also... Continue Reading →

O is for Otter

O was the easiest choice of all. This animal has been my favourite for as long as I can remember. Just last summer I checked off a major bucket list item when I saw these wonderful animals in their natural habitat.connected to this creature. My love affair began a lifetime ago, thanks to the classic... Continue Reading →

M is for Monkey

Imagine an organisation as a tree. The tree is occupied by monkeys, and each sits on a branch according to his status in the tree. For the most part, life in the tree ticks along and the monkeys get on well with each other. Occasionally a monkey might move down the tree, or leave altogether. Then there... Continue Reading →

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