Procrastination Post : I’ll get around to it soon …

Oh dear, Daily Post. You’re beginning to repeat yourself. It’s a sign of age. We all do it sooner or later. Or maybe it’s a sign of insecurity – you know, when you don’t think anyone heard that pearl of wisdom, that witty repartee, that expressed desire to see this movie, or eat in that restaurant?... Continue Reading →

Tax Freedom is Here !

  So apparently I work for myself, as of 9 June. This is Tax Freedom Day in Canada, the day on which the burden on the tax payer to fund government and government services has been fulfilled. From this day hence, all the money I make is mine, all mine! Except for the money Mrs.... Continue Reading →

M is for Monkey

Imagine an organisation as a tree. The tree is occupied by monkeys, and each sits on a branch according to his status in the tree. For the most part, life in the tree ticks along and the monkeys get on well with each other. Occasionally a monkey might move down the tree, or leave altogether. Then there... Continue Reading →

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