Working hard at Procrastination

Procrastination. It sounds such a positive activity. How can you not be PRO-crastination! Verb; To crastinate:  to dither about doing anything other than what is required at that time. Presumably someone who does everything smartly to time, besides being anally retentive and a colossal bore, should be guilty of anticrastination. As I am a definite Pro... Continue Reading →

The best and worst of Change : The Best of You

Change is positive, change is good. Change is what allows us to grow, to expand our horizons, to seek out new opportunities, to boldly go where no man has gone before (for all the Star Trek fans out there). All true. Without change we would turn inwards and wither on the vine. And yet, every... Continue Reading →

Remember to say Thanks!

Here we again at another Thanksgiving. And no, I didn’t bang my head. I’m talking about the original Thanksgiving. The Canadian Thanksgiving originated about 50 years prior to the American version, thanks to the fated voyages of a Mr. Martin Frobisher. Martin and his merry men were adrift, no doubt enjoying the male bonding whilst... Continue Reading →

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