A Walk with The Old Man

The words could be written for Milo. Miss that old fella as much as ever.

Insecurely Confident


Overcast, but warm

The perfect day to share

We have always enjoyed our walks together

He and I


No longer young

He struggles to keep up

But the trail is clear and gently rolling


We used to traverse the woods

Over stumps and deadfalls

Ridges and marshes


These days we simply stroll

Enjoying each other’s company

And the sweet musky scent of the forest


Soaking up the moments we have left

For he is getting no younger

I see it in the gray of his whiskers

And the hitch in his giddy-up


He’s always there for me

And I am always there for him

** One of the best dogs I’ve ever had…. 

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Cats v Dogs

Regardless of the score in the video, for me there is absolutely no contest. Dogs win every time. C ya tomorrow for D. This has been a DrewLlew production for the 2015 A to Z Challenge

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