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Image result for rocket ship clipartWe can’t all be astronauts, top sportspeople, best selling authors or famous actors. We can’t all be captains of industry, launching rockets to Mars or building our own airlines. We can’t even all be the boss of our company, division or department.

What we all can be, though, is the BEST version of ourselves. I call this The Best of You. And that’s the subject of this blog and my book-in-progress.

I draw on 30+ years experience in helping organisations bring out the best in their people. I’ve helped huge corporations work through restructuring, and I’ve helped not-for-profit organisations leverage their talent. All of the tools I’ve used can be used at the individual level just as effectively.

As I bring together the elements of my book I will be posting my works-in-progress to this blog as a series of vignettes. The published book will feature all of these (fully edited) and many more tips and techniques to allow you to determine your future path and then actually get there.

If you would like to share your own story of self-fulfillment or betterment, please drop me a note.

About your author:

Hi, I’m Andrew Robinson. I bring over 30 years of people leadership experience to this project. I have international experience in helping organisations in many sectors bring out the very best in their people through organisational development, leadership development, change management and motivational theory.

I hold a Masters degree in Human Resource Management, and I am a graduate of change management and adult education programs. 


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