So here I am, sitting in my writer’s den looking out across a clear blue lake to the distant mountains. As I look out I can see my girls getting ready to take the seadoo out for a spin. They love bouncing around in the inflatable behind the boat. Louis, the gardener-cum-handyman is piloting today so they can both enjoy the thrill. They’ve really taken to water skiing too since we moved out here. Their education is taken care of with a private tutor. It’s amazing how much more they learn when they can actually see the places they are studying – ancient history isn’t so ancient when you can walk in the footsteps of emperors, and climate change actually means something as you walk across a glacier.

My wife is over at the farm outbuildings tending to the shelter animals (mostly cats, but life can’t all be perfect). She took up the reins when we could privately fund the shelter. Now she insists on visiting every home before a pet is placed, hence the reason the shelter is bulging at the seams already. It’s not as if they have a bad life here though, what with the 24 hour kennel staff and the living space fit for a queen.

When I’ve finished this little update I’m going to take the Aston Martin out for a spin.The mountain roads down to the beach are absolutely breathtaking, and the feeling of Mediterranean sun is so amazing. I’ve a lunch date down in Cannes –  a director wants to introduce me to his latest starlet, to tempt me to invest in his latest venture. Apparently I can get a walk-on part and a 10% return when the movie hits the box office, and every previous release was an absolute blockbuster.

Next week we are flying to New York for a Premier. we might head up to Boston whilst we are there. I have a standing invitation these days to Robert Kraft’s box at Gillette Stadium, ever since investing in his regeneration program. From there I fancy giving the girls a tour of the Grand Canyon to get some first hand geology lessons and invest in the native reserves out there. We will also go get our hands dirty on a Habitat for Humanity site to give a little back to society.

I never thought my numbers would come up, but every week I took the chance to dream about what might be if they did. The planning paid off, and ever since taking that $50 million cheque to the bank we’ve been changing lives wherever we can, and we still have plenty left over to keep the family in luxury for several generations.


F – part of my AtoZ Challenge 2015 series.

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