Dewsbury and Dawson

“Darius Dewsbury! Daniel Dawson! Don’t dilly-dally. Dean Duddleswell doesn’t do dilly-dallying.” Deputy Dean Debbie Drinkwater despaired. Dewsbury and Dawson in double detention and delaying the date by dawdling.

Dewsbury and Dawson dashed directly downstairs to Dean’s day-room. Dean Duddleswell delighted in drawing and drew detailed diagrams for display in downtown Digsbeth. Her day-room drew daylight delightfully. As the duo descended she drank a deep draught of Digsbeth Dale, a delightful drink for daytime. Darkness demanded a different degustation but a daytime draught of Digsbeth Dale would do. Dean drank, then dropped down at her desk. She directed a dagger-like glare directly at the disruptive duo. Her distaste for their dastardly deeds demanded she deal decisively. But a dilemma was displayed, and a dichotomy of disproportion dimensions.

Did Dewsbury dare Dawson to do this distasteful deed, or did Dawson do it then dare Dewsbury? Did one deserve disproportionate discipline? Did determining the driving force denounce one of the duo ? Did it matter? Dean drew deeply from the draught and deliberated. The duo did draw disgusting diagrams in the dormitory, and they did drill through to the girls’ dormitory to drink in the delights. Did Directives demand discipline? Decidedly. Did the detestable, disgusting deeds demand direct and decisive discipline, however distasteful to Dean? Decidedly.

Dean Duddleswell drew the drapes, double locked the door and drew open the drawer. Her digits descended and drew out the dastardly disciplinary device. She declared her decision.

“Dewsbury, Dawson. Your disgusting, detestable deeds are decidedly disagreeable. Drawing diagrams and drilling to discover the delights of the girls dormitory demands decisive discipline. Drop your drawers and double-over for a dozen with the Dragon!”

Dewsbury and Dawson dithered and dawdled in despair. A dozen with the Dragon – for drawings and drilling? Dear God, thought the duo, what’s the disciplinary decision if Duddleswell discovers we diddled with the Deputy Dean’s daughter, delightful dim Daisy!?


This has been brought to you by the letter D as part of the A to Z Challenge 2015.

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