Second Chance at a New Year’s Resolution

It’s been a while since I was here

I apologise for this

I have every good intent to write

But I always seem to miss


With life and stuff the days go by

And weeks, and months and years

And with it, the chance to make my mark

Aye, now that’s the root of fear


I want to write, I really do

I love the literary flow

I hate myself for wasting time

Watching TV shows


The time of year is no excuse

There’s no reason to be outside

The snow banks tower along my street

They make me want to hide


Netflix is the culprit,

of that I’m truly sure

There’s always another episode

Another cliffhanger to endure


And so we waste another night

Hypnotised by the ghostly glow

As we plow through a season-full

Of the latest must-see show


The less I write, the more I fear

I’ll lose my sparkling wit

And then when finally I do write

I’ll sound like a blithering twit


There’s always a good reason

For avoiding the written word

They’re all just silly excuses

From the sublime to the absurd


The ironing pile, the washing up

The car that must be cleaned

The dog to walk, the food to cook

And yes, the flickering computer screen


I will do more I promise you

I’ll turn over a new leaf

My New Year Resolution is

To write you twice each week


But wait, New Year? It’s rather late

You’re two months overdue!

Well no, it’s not, if you just accept

A different worldly view


Just yesterday on Feb 19th

A whole new year began

Thank you Chinese astrologers

For the Year of the Sheep (or Goat, or Ram)


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