Slow down the ride. We want to stop

We’re sick of shooting to the top

Then plunging down and round and through

Until we don’t know what to do


White men in a modern world

Can’t complain – Ha – that’s just absurd

The ‘privileged ones’ cannot complain

They can’t admit to feeling pain


Pressure always to perform

Need to fit a societal norm

Keep the pace! No slacking allowed!

Must keep up with the madding crowd


Bread winners keep the roof overhead

And so live each waking day in dread

Of failing to achieve that distant goal

And fear the consequential blow


That one day the one cut loose is me

And then where will the family be?

Their carefree dreams and fun and games

Dashed away, gone up in flames


In striving to rise above the pack

We make the rods to beat our back

These first world issues are our own construct

Yet will drive too many to self-destruct


The choice is ours to balance the score

To live with less, and value more

There’s a life to live without the haste

Slow down, step off, and leave with grace.

Video: Queen – Under Pressure (sourced from You Tube)

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