Writing 101 : The Lost Letter Brevity trifecta

The conference portfolio lay discarded.

She was collapsed, comatose, face down and half-naked.

The portfolio called to me, desperate to relinquish its secret. The letter inside was on hotel paper.

“What a night … you were amazing … until next time”

I took the note into the kitchen, twisting it tightly. I lit the taper and placed it on a saucer on the floor. I opened the gas on the stove top, picked up my keys and stepped outside.

I had reached the corner when the shockwave hit. The black plume rose behind me as turned right and drove away.

Never again.


I have been slacking on my homework, it’s true. Writing 101 set up a difficult challenge with Serially Lost, then the next day, the Letter / Brief challenge came up with the twist of brevity. These two had me stumped, and then over the weekend, Daily Post gave us the Brevity challenge again and inspiration struck. Kill three birds with the one stone and get myself back on track (or at least close enough). So there you have it, my response to Lost, Letter and Brevity, all in 100 words.


Feedback and critique gratefully received.

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