Being Dad – Best. Job. Ever.


Today is Father’s Day, and all around the world people are giving thanks to Dads for their selflessness and caring, their kindness and love. And that’s all good, of course. I love my own Dad and I’m extremely grateful to still have him in my life (he is 81 years of age). But this isn’t a post about saying thanks to Dad. I will do that privately. No, this is a post to say thanks for letting me be a dad. If it wasn’t for the love of a beautiful woman, and the serendipity of circumstance that brought us together over two decades past, this wonderful, rewarding and ultimately fulfilling life would not be mine.

Dads have the best job

I’m grateful as a father for my two wonderful daughters, growing up so quickly into young women. I delight in their growth and development as individuals, and I wonder where their traits came from (I will choose not to question too much, just in case 😉 ).

My eldest now has her license, and she’s moving into her last year of High School with an average in the 90s. She will have her choice of universities, and her creativity will ensure she excels in her chosen field. My youngest is growing into a fine young lady. She becomes a teenager in a few days time (she was the ultimate Father’s Day gift the year she was born). She is our athlete: volleyball, running, track & field – and she has creativity all her own.

I look back over the years, flowing by too quickly, I know, and I give thanks for the course my life took. All through our journeys we have decisions as to which path to take. A few of these are monumental life changing moments, several are minor variations to life’s path. Whether you are a believer in destiny or the randomness of life, we can all look back at the few major decision points and wonder ‘what if’. I cannot conceive ‘what if’ my life had taken a different course, because I would not want to contemplate a life without the three most wonderful women in my life.

My mind holds the moments of my children’s birth bright and clear, like a picture in high contrast. I can see the face of my eldest in the minutes following her delivery, laying in the crib with an all-knowing air as she gazed around. At that point I felt the truth of a reincarnated spirit, with her gaze saying, ‘so here we are again, let’s see what this journey holds’. My younger arrived on her due date, just a couple of minutes into Father’s Day. Her impatience has been evident ever since. She’s had second child syndrome for her whole life, determined to outshine and out achieve her big sister.

So today may be about saying thanks to dads, and that’s a good thing, of course. But dads – am I right in saying we got the best end of the deal? Being a dad is the best thing in the world, and I’m eternally grateful to my wife and daughters for their love, affection and devotion over the years. I am truly blessed.

PS being dad to a furry kid counts too!

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  1. Yes – I am very glad your post hi-lights the fact that you dads have it easy (playing sports, piggy back rides up to bed and over indulging – especially when it comes to daughters!!) whilst us mums do all the hard work in this parenting malarkey!! I can report this quite smugly as my husband spent his father’s day playing table tennis with our daughter and then watching rugby, cricket and football and then pointing out to our skyp-ing son the absence of a father’s day card 🙂


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