My Mistress is back!

It may be a full six weeks late, but I do believe we can finally say that Spring has arrived to our little east coast peninsula. There are bunnies galore, gleefully procreating. Our resident pheasant has his harem, and the Osprey have returned to their perch outside Wal Mart (yes, really – such is life in eastern Canada). And with all these signs of the blossoming of spring, my warm weather lover has finally returned to me. My mistress is a fickle sort, not one for the cold, snowy and icy winter. She doesn’t do well in a winter wardrobe, and her choice of footwear, so sexy in the summer, makes for precarious travels in the winter.

My mistress – let’s call her Tia – has been a part of my life for the past three years, and she has definitely helped me rekindle my youth. She reminds me so much of my first love, back in my late teens.

It was love at first sight for me, but she was one my mother would describe as ‘fur coat and no knickers’. She regularly drained my wallet with one absolutely essential item or another. I remember spending a fortune out of my meagre first salaries just to keep her in the daily necessities. She was always so temperamental too. Many a night we would be going along fine when suddenly she would just break down and stop, right on the side of the road. At first I couldn’t deal with these breakdowns, and I had to call my dad for fatherly advice. Over time, my knowledge of her hidden depths improved and I could usually coax some life into her with a tweak and poke in the right places. When I got her ready to move on again I was always on tenterhooks in case she gave up on me before I could get her home. My first love was a real Spitfire, too. She most definitely liked to be handled firmly, but push her too hard and she would spin around and give me a pants down spanking right then and there. We spent many years together, but eventually her breakdowns became too frequent for me to cope with, and we parted company.

Since then, other mistresses have come and gone, each leaving their personal mark on my heart or elsewhere. One time, I had a Japanese firecracker who was almost too much to handle. She needed to be driven firmly to get her going, then she would suddenly fire herself up and give me a real kick in the pants. I remember taking her out one day when it was raining. She did not like that one little bit. She snapped and fought the whole time we were out. I’m convinced she would have killed me had I kept pushing her, so I backed off and let her proceed at her own pace. I never fully trusted her after that, and the relationship soon ended.

I’ve always been fortunate that the ladies in my life have been most accepting of my love for my mistresses. As a young man my girlfriends seemed to enjoy the mistresses almost as much as I did. They were always ready for a threesome night out, and never minded the fact that the current mistress got as many admiring glances as they did. I did have to give up my passion for a few years when Mrs Drew and I tied the knot and started a family – seemed the right thing to do in the circumstances. But I missed my escapism and I longed for another no-compromises relationship, a chance to indulge myself and then come home with no regrets. With my girls all but grown up I’ve been able to give free rein to my passion once more.

Mrs Drew has been very accommodating with Tia. I think she recognised the signs of middle age crisis and was happy to indulge me. Tia and I can head off together and I’m out of her hair for the afternoon. Tia will even go with me to work occasionally so that we can get away for a quick lunchtime tryst. Mrs Drew has been so supportive, she was even okay with me getting Tia a place of her own to live in year round. I’m so very fortunate to have such a wonderful life-partner in Mrs Drew. She’s always been happy to accommodate my peccadilloes.

I like to think of Tia as my sexy new-age vixen, because she is definitely at her best in the months between the summer and winter solstices – that time when the nights are short but hot, hot, hot. Throughout these hot, sultry days Tia will be topless at any opportunity. And she looks so good topless. She wears red always, and her sensual curves and immaculately sculpted body draw admiring glances from men and women. With her skimpy little black boots with so much shiny chrome trim she really catches the light when she’s out. Don’t get me wrong – topless or otherwise, she’s a stunner, but she is definitely at her best when the little black top comes off and all her charms are revealed. I just like to sit and look at her, and I especially like the view from behind. When she came into my life I got her a little ‘tramp stamp’ to make her all mine – she now bears a tribal dragon just above her ‘tailpipe’.

Get inside that red coat and she has a penchant for leather. Black leather. Gosh, she can get so hot she can burn my hide with that leather. It certainly makes for a nice tight ride though. I feel I’m gripped like a boa constrictor when we’re pushing hard together, and I can drive her hard or soft – it’s always a pleasure. When I drive her hard she as this wonderful throaty roar. Go soft and slow and she purrs like a pussycat. Either way, at the end of the day she’s always happy to go back to her own place, until the sun comes out tomorrow and it is time for some more topless summer pleasures.

I guess I should share a few pictures of Tia – here you go!

Water sports with Tia
Water sports with Tia
Tia's dragon tattoo
Tia’s dragon tattoo
Topless Tia
Topless Tia


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    1. It was quite fun to write it that way. She is my ‘other woman’ after all – and a sports car is way less trouble than a real mistress. My wife and I can both enjoy her then!


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