In celebration of A to Z 2014

survivor-atoz [2014]

I woke up this morning to find May outside the door. I haven’t seen her for a while, so we had a nice chat and a cup of tea.

May brings with her the end of the April Fools joke that was the A to Z Challenge. I hope you’ve enjoyed following along this month. I feel I gained by stretching my writing muscles, and I’m personally pleased with some of the creations I produced. Personal faves for me were the posts I wrote as a story teller. If you didn’t catch them, there are easy links below:

F – Flamingo

H – Haggis

L – Lizard

M – Monkey

P – Praying Mantis (okay – this was a poem, but I loved writing this one)

S – Seagull

W – Wolf

Z – Zebra

So, with April behind us, I bid farewell to the Challenge. I hope you stay with me for the ride from here on out.  In celebration, I give you my Alphabet Poem.

A               Armadillo started this A to Z mirth,

                  An arsehole boss brought down to earth.

B               We learned about Beavers and prostitution,

                  Merkins and paddles their contribution.

C               C – and young men in delight or in fright,

                  When Cougars go hunting in the night.

D               And then there was Dog, friend and protector,

                  And Milo, my friend, hogging the radiator.

E                Elephant gave our E, and not Ecstacy,

                  Warm poo instead, was his delicacy.

F                F gave us drug wars and suburban revolution,

                  With flamingo uprising and gnome retribution.

G               And then to the Goat, and astronomy,

                  Can the stars really explain our destiny?

H               Haggis – who rescued the Scots’ meat and two veg,

                  And was hailed as Chieftain o’ the Pudding Race.

I                 A reptile dysfunction and several bad jokes,

                  About Iguana, tattoos, and such scary folk.

J                Jaguar, the car, William Lyons’ creation,

                  Automotive art form and my motivation.

K               Kookaburra told tale of copyright theft,

                  Leading inexorably to untimely death.

L                Next letter explored the evolutionary fast track,

                  Mankind raced hard, while Lizard stepped back.

M              Then Monkey explored the management tree,

                  Looking up at the arseholes winking back at me.

N               Flo Nightingale lived a life of devotion,

                  Nursing the sick and not seeking promotion.

O               O told of Mij in a cold Scottish Bay,

                  And sea otter spotting in Monterey.

P               The Mantis was praying to save his head,

                  Once he’d had his way with his lady in bed.

Q               A Kenyan obsession for riches made quick,

                  Life savings were spent on Quail eggs and chicks.

R               Chocolate rabbits and eggs, and Easter communion,

                  The merging of cultures for sweet toothed reunion.

S                S – and a seagull stare interrupted beach fun,

                  When homework was sitting, waiting to be done.

T                T – A taste of Turkey summer sun,

                  Bend over please – here’s a prick in the bum.

U               The Unicorn song told of their fun and games,

                  And Noah’s impatience when it started to rain.

V               Vultures who wait for the wealthy to die,

                  And take all their money without even goodbye.

W             Red Riding Hood’s saviour was not the woodman,

                  But the beast she took with her when visiting her Gran.

X               Xtinct is for ever, and we should take care,

                  Lest it be Mankind who’s next no longer there.

Y               Yakeil, or echidna, the spiky ant eater,

Or a mythical mommy – you don’t want to meet her.

Z               And finally Zebra, who got his stripes last,

                  Coz Lion was lazy, and wanted breakfast.

7 thoughts on “In celebration of A to Z 2014

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  1. Wow! I was going to have a “wrap up” post this weekend, but you totally knocked it out of the park with the poem. Nice job! 😀


    1. The theme definitely helped. I’m pleased we hooked up through A to Z. It was fun. Hopefully I can keep up the creativity in the ‘normal’ world of blogging 🙂


    1. This actually started out as my Z post but I thought it was better placed as a celebration. I’m very pleased you like it. I feel I’ve developed as a writer this month, which is what really excites me.


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