Z is for Zebra

ZYou know what it’s like. You start the week full of energy; you are going to do great things this week. You’ve got free space in your calendar and this is the week for that major project. Whether your work is for yourself or for Da Man, the same rules apply.

As the week progresses, obstacles appear and things get a little bogged down. With Friday approaching you’re rushing and cutting corners. And when you realise you have to work Saturday to finish up, you can bet there will be some short cuts taken.

Your predicament and mine are nothing new. The same has been going on since the dawn of time. In fact, the Dawn of Time was the very first example. God had grown bored with the old décor of the Universe, and felt a change was in order. He decided on a major renovation. He spent the entire weekend clearing out junk. He threw out all the old planets, took out all the old light fittings and swept everything clean. He hung up dust sheets to keep the mess contained, and went to bed, dreams of His new Universe swirling in His mind.

The week started well. God installed new lighting for His universe and set a timer to create night and day, and to keep power bills down. He moulded all new planets to decorate the solar system. He created all the land and water, all the trees and vegetation, all the animals of the sea and air. Phew, this Creationism was a lot of work. By Friday evening He was exhausted, and He still had the land animals to finish.

He woke early on Saturday and began work, molding and modelling. He placed His new creations in all the lands of His new world. God’s masterpiece was Africa. Here He placed all His most exotic creations. He was particularly proud of all the big cats roaming the grasslands, but He quickly realised He had not given them enough food sources. Not wanting to see His new cats starve, He made herds of gazelle, quickly dipped them in brown paint, and placed them down on the savannah. Finally, He was done. He went to bed content on the sixth day.

God was woken very early on Sunday morning. He was not happy – this was supposed to be His day of rest. He opened His eyes and saw that His room was full of cats. The lion was standing on His bed, pawing at His face and mewing.

“What is wrong with you?” God shouted. “Why are you in here with Me and not out in the savannah enjoying your new world?”

The lion just looked at Him with an air of feline superiority. “Where is our food?” said the lion.

“I gave you all the gazelle to eat. You can grab one whenever you are hungry.”

“But we can’t catch them if we can’t see them. They are all brown like the land,” complained the lion.

Exasperated, God climbed out of His bed and stomped into His workshop. He saw He had a horse left over from His American plains diorama. He grabbed it, took out a paintbrush and quickly decorated the animal, multiplied it and placed thousands of the new animals on the savannah.

He called Lion to see. “Think you can find THOSE?” God asked him.

Spread across the savannah were thousands of black and white striped animals, standing out vividly against the brown savannah lands.

God threw Lion out of His bedroom, eager to return to His day of rest.



7 thoughts on “Z is for Zebra

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      1. I certainly will, Drew – I’ve already commented on others’ blogs how much I’ve enjoyed your writing this past month and will certainly mention you when we all get a chance to comment later in May about the A to Z Challenge.


  1. LOVE this! What a great end to your odyssey. I’m still coming by to catch up on the rest. I’m glad you gave a list of your favorites, I’ll start with any I missed. This is a really cohesive and whimsical story. Big grins.


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