L is for Lizard

LOn the 8th day, God was bored.

He had spent six days building the Heavens and Earth and the living things, and He took a well-earned rest on the 7th day. But by the 8th day, He was looking for a new interest. To amuse Himself, He decided to set up a race. He called it the Evolutionary Race.

He set out a highway streaking off into the far distance. All along the highway he laid down different route options for his competitors. Side roads and detours led to beaches, prairies, mountains and oceans. In the far distance, the main route led to a shimmering city.

God then gathered all his new creations at the start of the Highway. He placed them into their chariots and set them off. The various vehicles lurched forward as cloven hooves, bipeds, quadrupeds and talons all tried to figure out the operation of these strange new machines. Lizard pottered around the vehicle, exploring this strange contraption. Eventually, he gathered his family and they set off. Lizard opted for a slower pace, wanting to enjoy the scenery. He was not overly concerned about dashing past the others. Human got himself moving, and lurched forward. As he got a taste for speed, Human started weaving through the other species, flashing his lights and nudging people aside in a bid to get to the front. Lizard saw Human in his rearview mirror. He didn’t want to get tangled up with this maniac, so he took a side road that promised sunshine and sand.

Lizard enjoyed this quiet byway, away from the hustle and bustle of the main route. The family was enjoying this adventure, and decided to pull off the road to explore. They stopped in a beautiful valley, warm sunshine beating down. Mrs Lizard took out a picnic basket, the kids ran off into the tall grass, and the couple lay basking in the warm sun. Then and there the Lizards knew they had found their paradise.

Meanwhile, back on the main Highway, traffic was thinning but competition was getting fiercer. Human became more ruthless in his pursuit of his own goal. He would force other species off the road. More than once his actions led to a collision and the end of a species. In pursuit of victory he chose to avoid every evolutionary offshoot, and stick to the main path, eyes set on that far-distant glimmering city.

As the race wore on most species tired of the race and turned off the main route, content to rest awhile before continuing on at a more sedate pace. Human did not. He tore on through the 8th night. Soon, he was far ahead of the other species. His own kind began to crowd the highway and his speed dropped to a crawl once more, his evolutionary journey slowed. Finally, he reached the city and his goal. Once there, he entered the tallest building and found himself in a space divided by a maze of walls, separating the space into individual quarters. He sat down at a bench in one of these quarters, and there he stayed for the next 40 years. This was his prize for the race through that long evolutionary night.

But there was another prize for Human. Once each year, he was whisked away on a silver bird. For two weeks he and his family spent this time exploring the quiet byways, away from the hustle and bustle of City. They stopped in a beautiful valley, warm sunshine beating down. The Human couple took out a picnic basket, their kids ran off into the tall grass, and they lay basking in the warm sun. Then and there the Humans knew they had found their paradise.


Posted for the L of it, and the AtoZ Challenge.

Image located at careforbeardeddragons.blogspot.com

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  1. Absolutely lovely… what a delicious story… If I weren’t a redhead I’d want to bask out in the warm sunshine with the lizards… I’m so glad to meet you through the A-Z challenge.


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