G is for Goat

GGoats are curious creatures. I mean, curious as in intriguing, not as in curiosity. But then, I suppose they are also curious as in inquisitive. So if I’m being grammatically correct, I should start this post over and say, ‘goats are inquisitive and intriguing creatures’. But then, I would not have been able to ramble on for the first 60 words of this post. And by G, you can be sure I need all the words I can get.

I like goats. They’ve got character. I like also that they’ve got that mischievous edge to them. The Satyr is one of my favourite Mythical beasts, not just because he always gets off with the Nymphs, but it helps. Goats get a rough deal with the whole Satanic gig, in my mind. I mean, how do we know what Satan actually looks like? Any more than God? We’ve got our mental images of both of course – according to Hollywood, God comes in the shape of Morgan Freeman.

I’m pleased say I am a Goat. At least, I’m half goat, half fish. Which means astrologically I’m a Capricorn (with a dash of Water Bearer – I’m on the cusp with Aquarius). So that makes for a strange combination, if you follow these things. I will declare I’m a bit of a sceptic here. Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory puts it well:

Sheldon:– it tells us that you participate in the mass cultural delusion that the sun’s apparent position relative to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of your birth somehow affects your personality.

I’ve often wondered what those ancient Greeks must have been on when they gazed to the Heavens and saw those shapes and patterns in the stars. How they translated them into mythical beasts, animals and shapes is beyond me. They must have been brewing some serious loopy juice. But I have to say, these definitions can be uncannily accurate.

  • My Goat is down to earth, a late developer.  I can see that. I started my writing career past 50, after procrastinating on the whole deal for a decade or more.
  • Someone with high goals and native ambition to succeed. Professionally I’m very happy with my achievements. Now I want to see myself published as a writer. Posting for 26 days straight is I think, proof of stamina if not ability !
  • I’m a perfectionist. My work product has to be the best I can achieve. These words have been honed and polished like a fine gemstone to the state you see them now. They are not ‘in the rough’ despite what you may think. Put down that loupe and enjoy the whole tapestry. I’ve already taken care of the intricacies.
  • The Aquarian in me makes me want to improve my world. Check. In my professional life I’m an Organisational Development practitioner. My work brings out the best in people and organisations.

So a bunch of drunken Greeks might be on to something. It is kinda scary how accurately the definitions of my two dominant life signs match my reality.

So maybe there is something in it? Maybe they can predict the future? Must go – I need to see what my horoscope is suggesting for this week’s lottery numbers.


I must have a Post Script today: I love wine label puns. One of my absolute favourites?

Goats do Roam

Yes, it’s another AtoZ posting. Only 19 more to go.


7 thoughts on “G is for Goat

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  1. I’m a goat but think I must have been born at the wrong time as none of those attributes apply to me. Anyway, if the stars mean something in Greece at one time of the year what would they mean in Australia? Maybe I was mean to have been born over there. Or maybe I just don’t get the astronomy part.
    Anyway, carry on writing like you do in these posts and you’ll do well in the sales part once you got the work done.


  2. My favorite Goat is the Greek god Pan. He is a real party animal. He is also the one the Catholic church pinned as the devil creature we know today. I think he got a bad deal.


  3. That don’t look much like a goat to me ! – looks more like a lion’s head with horns, and maybe goat’s front feet, with a fat and curly fishy-kind a body ! If that’s as close as they could get to a goat, it’s no wonder you love wine labels like ‘Goats do roam’. Drew, please share: what does that mean? Is it a play on GOATS ‘DO’ ROME ? Like Debbie and Dallas ? I am bemused. Probably because I’m old. Sighh …


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