Who, what, why ???

Task 1. Introduce self and purpose of blog. Tough question – not the ‘introduce self’ part of course. Though, do I want to introduce the real self or the alter ego, online super-me? The abseiler of tall buildings, the lion wrangler? I guess in part that depends what I want this blog to be, which brings me full circle back to my original dilemma (which, by the way, I always believed was spelled ‘dilemna’).

I would rather like to be the witty observationalist, and for this blog to become a springboard into full fledged creative writing, perhaps erring on the side of humour with a side of sarcasm for seasoning. My ramblings will no doubt also include thoughts on the relative value of cats to society, as our household is frequently hosting various feline fosterings being fattened up for the veterinarian snip, before being unleashed on an unsuspecting forever home. As I’m located on the extreme Eastern edge of the North American continent, and marginally north of the legendary 49th, no doubt winterludes will also feature, certainly through this 30 day launch period. With a current outside temperature of -20c without wind chill, winter has a way of making himself felt!

So there we have some insight into self. I’m also a Gent of a certain age, having just crossed my century meridian, and I’m an immigrant to the fine shores of Nova Scotia from England’s green and pleasant shores (and overcrowded, dirty cities full, ironically, of immigrants – a true life case of ‘out with the old, in with the new’).

So there we have it. Or not. The first of my random ramblings seems to have hit the mark by missing it completely. Thank you and goodnight.


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